Crockery, glassware and cutlery are one of the most important impressions that a customer will have of your service before they’ve even tasted the food after all it is the items that your customer will see, touch and even place in their mouth. One of the main attraction for any dinner table, and choosing the tableware that will showcase your creations. It can be hard for people to decide between colourful and bright crockery or the classic white option and which one will make more of an impact.

According to scientific research, the colour, texture, and weight of tableware may also effect how you experience the flavours and mouth feel of a dish. Recent studies have found that hot chocolate tastes sweeter in an orange cup, red plates increase your appetite

So we have put together the pros and cons for each option to help you pick the best dinnerware for you.


The great thing about colourful crockery is that it can make your arrangement stand out, especially if the rest of the decor on the table is simple. On the other hand white is much easier to match with your settings and decor wherever you are eating. You can also keep the same crockery if you decide to change up the decor.


Crockery and dinnerware play an important role in the layout and presentation of your food. White crockery will help your food stand out but colourful offerings can also overpower the crockery and make it look more plain than it is. You may encounter a similar issue with colourful crockery, it can make your meal look better but it can also take away from the dish or the decor.


Using additions like colourful glassware can make colourful crockery pop even more but they can make white crockery seem out of place. Colourful dinnerware is a better option if you are going for a trendy feel. While the classic white selection will never go out of style and can be used on a daily basis as well as on special occasions.

The colour and tones of tableware have gone through many trends over the years, including Pain , Patterned, textured and coloured .  No Style of plate is universally wrong but it’s important to take the above into account when selecting yours and make it work for you.